ben kolde (unsplash)


we are connected
in so many ways

and it’s harder than ever
to make an actual connection.




daiga ellaby (unsplash)


a fire burns bright
inside young hearts
bold with justice

walking, marching
unto the land of affordable milk
good schools, healthy children
free bodies
and enough bees to make our honey.



freddie marriage (unsplash)


it’s a tricky business
filling out blank pages
but that’s it, isn’t it?

at one point, the page is no longer a page
at one point, the page is like a bottle needing filling

with your words, your thoughts
your imagination
your meaning.

so pick those grapes, make that wine
pour out the dark liquid of your heart and mind
and make your own vintage.



igor ovsyannykov (unsplash)



listening to the soothing voice
at peace with life
speaking words that are wise

closing my eyes
and trying to follow each conclusion
like a novice a master
of the fine art of look and see

after all: there is no try
apparently, there’s just me.



clark young (unsplash)


cold weather makes us huddle closer
at the desk

where sharp sentences appear
icily clear

invisible pens scratching
on pixel-white paper

while teas are brewed, coffees creamed
and a playlist hums away, in-ear.




paul (unsplash)


the kitchen sink
is no longer where drama lives

the kitchen sink
is part of home again
where we eat and drink
and show each other:
this, and this, and this
all this

is me.
what you see of me.
me, framed
in domestic bliss.


home has become so different.
there’s home-home and home, to go.

home-home: lived-in and human
wet towels, used cups, cooking
home, to go: pristine surfaces, great lighting
with a bit of “local colour”

to put on the makeup
open app, decide
click yes/no
pack your bags

and have a passport that opens doors.